10 Murray Cypress Trees - 5-8" Tall - 2.5" Pots - Live Plants, Christmas Trees

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10 Murray Cypress Trees - 5-8" Tall - Live Plants - 2.5" Pots - Christmas Trees

Murray Cypress Tree - 3

For sale are 10 Murray Cypress trees that are 5-8" tall and shipped in 2.5" pots.

The Murray Leyland Cypress is a breakthrough form of the immensely popular Leyland Cypress. It is even faster growing, capable of adding 4 feet a year when young. It is also much more resistant to the problems that can affect the regular form when grown in very hot and humid areas, like the south-eastern states It will grow in both wetter and drier conditions than the original form, and it will be free of diseases and normally free of any significant pests. It has a sturdier branch structure, and an improved root system, making it more resistant to storms and high winds. Wherever you want a fast-growing hedge or screen for a larger property, the Leyland Cypress is the number one pick. Now, with the new Murray variety, it can also be the number one pick in areas where previously there might have been problems.
Improved form for hot and humid regions
Perfect lush green hedge or screen
Resistant to diseases and usually pest-free
Grows in all kinds of soils, and from wet to dry

Zones 6-10
Mature spread 16-10ft
Mature height 30-40ft
Full Sun to Partial Shade


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